Welcome everybody! i am DJxCracks (real name "Franz") come from Germany (city "Leverkusen") Hardstyle & Hardcore Techno DJ (Producer) and born at 1989. I have made my first real experiences with the music where i was 13 years old and learning with the software "Adobe Audition" step by step how music really works. Not long thought about it i looking forward and purchase my first real little DJ Controller to get more into the world of music & djing.

After a long private practices time i always wanted to be more as just only a normally hobby DJ and try to focus me on bigger DJ equipments. So i purchase a new DJ Controller "DDJ-WeGO" with the included software "VirtuelDJ" to get a step closer into the world of music & djing. Still in love with it i testing some another equipments and purchase in the late 2015 an "Traktor Kontrol S4 MK II" and an "Maschine Mikro MKII" with the DJ software "Traktor Pro 2" to have an complete DJ and Producer system! On this time, i had sold my "DDJ-WeGO" because i have thought, i don't need it anymore.

I didn't to know why i focus me on complete another DJ stuff but after a recommend from a good DJ friend i have thought, i check out other DJ equipments before i spend to much money on crappy DJ Controller. But i was not really pleased about it anytime and the only thing what fits perfectly to me was the "Maschine Mikro MKII" After long think about it, i sold my complete another DJ stuff and try to get back my "DDJ-WeGO"

Around 2016/2017 i purchase back my "DDJ-WeGO-K" + "DDJ-XP1" and have feeling directly, it was the right decision. With good feelings back on my side and totally in love again, on great DJ products, i try to work hard to make me as DJ independent. I created my own WebRadio "TheMoC.FM" and from the beginning of 2017 until now, gets it a great degree of attention,.

So, stay tuned for more into the future 2018!

But I also have many other passion and dancing is one of them. As pure 

raver i try to keep the rave alive and spend a lot of time with any dance

style movements. In this regard the correct rave fashion must not be 

missing and stand wholeheartedly behind the Akronym : P.L.U.R

-----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=329Mq_tHh0k <-----

Of course are video games a another great passion from me and became

a big part of my life.  My favorite genres are mostly a kind of RPGs with 

much Anime, Fantasy enrichments and full of particle light effects. But i

also like First-Person Third-Person Shooter with focus on Team based 

and much MOBA content.

All in all, I am a very smart person with very well-expressed passion and i

always try to go with fun & joy through the life. I stand holhardently behind 

my dreams and with my slogan "When the Cracks begin to Show!" i still 

looking at my dreams... reviewing it every day and saying to myself :

"It's not over!" the best is yet to come! / Best regard Franz T. aka DJxCracks